There are currently 30 new items that the Day Z mod brings to Minecraft.


All food items can be found in the Day Z chests. Can't be stacked. food refills hunger.

Icon food bakedbeans Canned beans

Icon food chocolate Chocolate bar

Icon food sardines Tin of sardines

Icon food spaghetti Can of spaghetti


Tất cả các loại vũ khí could be found in the tủ Day Z so some in số they be chế tác.

The melee weapons deteriorate over usage like normal tools and weapons. NOTE: nailed planks and bats are better than normal ones and do more damage.

Icon melee plank Plank

Icon melee nailedplank Nailed Plank

Made by putting a plank and nails in the crafting table.Can be crafted in the inventory crafting slots.

Icon melee pipepipe

Icon melee baseballbat Baseball Bat

Icon melee nailedbat Nailed Baseball Bat

Icon makarov Makarov

Icon remington Remington

Icon akm AK 74u


Ammo cannot be stacked and randomly spawns in the Day Z chests in the world.

You reload guns by holding down the Right Mouse Button for a few seconds and having the correct ammo in your inventory.

Icon ammo makarov Makarov Ammo

Icon ammo shotgun Turkish Ammo

Icon ammo ak AK74u Magazine


.303 (Lee Enfield)


9mm Ammo (Glock 17)

12 gauge

12 gauge (Doublebarrel Shotgun)


Both items are common around the world, cannot be stacked zombies dont drop them.

Painkillers heal 5 hearts, Bandages heal full hearts.

Icon painkillers Anti-biotics

Icon bandage Bandage


These are the current pieces of armor added to the game and are found in the Day Z chests.

Icon camo helmet  Helmet

Icon camo chestChest

Icon camo pants  Pants

Icon camo boots  Boots

Other ItemsEdit

There is other item called dirty water bottle DON'T DRINK IT!!

All items these items and many more can be found in towers houses , and villages

The whiskey makes you very drunk and your vision becomes impaired.

Lemonade, Full/Empty whiskey/water bottles cant be stacked

Icon wireBarbwire

Water bottle

empty water bottle(can be refilled but will be dirty water) no useage for the water bottle at the moment

Dirty water bottle
dirty water bottle give you poison and slowness for 1 min

Icon food lemonade lemonade

Icon food whiskey full Full bottle of Whiskey

Icon food whisky empty Empty bottle of Whiskey

2012-11-17 16.07.42 Nails

Icon mob egg Zombie Egg*

Icon mob egg Crawler Egg*

Icon mob egg Bandit Egg*

The Bag of Blood and Crawlers are BUGGED in vanilla server